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JIPM Company Limited

     JIPM Company Limited (JIPM) is Management Company for Condominium Juristic Person - Housing Village, including service Juristic person registration, bookkeeping, legal consulting and engineering.
     "We are ready to take care of you and family members" The management team with over 30 years of knowledge in real estate development and the team of professionals Combined with a policy focusing on management development and providing services with modern technology. Economy and rapidly changing environment - We are one that answers modern society effectively and meet the needs.


Category of Services    

1. Property Management (Residential, Commercial, Office Tower)
Building and Common Facility Management. Facility Asset value-management and co-operate with the Committee & Community. Annual accounting, Annual Planning and Development. Facility & Amenity repairing & maintenance.
2. Juristic person Registration Services (Condominium & Housing Estate) 
Fully advise and services for all types of Building (Residents purpose & Commercial property)
3. Accounting services: Balance-sheet,  Income statement, Debit-Credit Transactions service.
4. Legal advisory and to encourage of people compliance to the Regulations and Rules.
5. Engineering maintenance services, building design and construction, consultancy and construction 


          The Leader for property management in the country and the ASEAN. With the creation of technological innovation management and solutions that meet a variety of needs. Create progress in all projects that participate in the operation. Under the promise of “Society for Quality”


Society for Quality

1. Develop organization and management quality personnel at the international standard level And quality inspection standards with KPI
2. Upgrade to superior service. With modern technology Used in all sectors to meet the modern society under the concept of "JIPM Fresh Service"
3. Support energy saving guidelines and environmentally friendly concepts. Both internal and external society
4. Promote activities for the public. Create benefits both inside and outside the project. For all parties Participate in sustainable social development

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